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Economics and Social Issue

 Economics and Social Issue for RBI Grade B 2022. In this Article we will Discuss How to Prepare Economics and Social Issue for RBI grade B 2022 and NABARD Grade A Exam 2021 along with Recommended Books of Economics and Social Issue, Previous Year RBI Grade B Economics and Social Issue Paper PDF Download.

Here We have systematically Arranged the Economics and Social Issue MCQs, Specialized Study Notes, Books and Video Tutorials for RBI Grade B, SEBI Grade A, NABARD Grade A and B Officer Exam.

Economics and Social Issue for RBI Grade B 2022

RBI Grade B 2022 : Pattern of ESI and FM and Descriptive Section

For both Paper I and III, there will be 30 questions and 50 marks for Objective questions (some questions carrying 2 marks each and some carrying 1 mark each).

In case of Descriptive questions, 6 questions will be asked, of which candidates will be required to attempt 4 questions (2 of 15 marks each (with difficulty level) and 2 of 10 marks each).

In case, candidate answers more than 4 questions in descriptive, first 4 shall be evaluated.

RBI Grade B 2022 : Word Limit for Descriptive Questions

new exam pattern of RBI Grade B exam

Economic and Social Issues - Two Sections of ESI
  • Static: Conceptual questions from chapters mentioned in Syllabus
  • Dynamic: Questions based on current affairs related to Economic & Social issues.
Economic and Social Issues - Syllabus & Important Chapters

Growth and Development – Measurement of growth: National Income and per capita income – Poverty Alleviation and Employment Generation in India – Sustainable Development and Environmental issues.

Indian Economy – Economic History of India - Changes in Industrial and Labour Policy, Monetary and Fiscal Policy since reforms of 1991 – Priorities and recommendations of Economic Survey and Union Budget – Indian Money and Financial Markets: Linkages with the economy – Role of Indian banks and Reserve Bank in the development process - Public Finance - Political Economy - Industrial Developments in India- Indian Agriculture - Services sector in India.

Globalization – Opening up of the Indian Economy – Balance of Payments, Export-Import Policy – International Economic Institutions – IMF and World Bank – WTO – Regional Economic Co-operation; International Economic Issues

Social Structure in India – Multiculturalism – Demographic Trends – Urbanization and Migration – Gender Issues – Social Justice: Positive Discrimination in favor of the under privileged – Social Movements – Indian Political System – Human Development – Social Sectors in India, Health and Education.

    Suggested reference material : Books

    If you are complete beginner and have no prior knowledge of Economics and Finance then i would recommend you to start with NCERT and spend some time to learn the basic.

    NCERT Class - 10. Understanding Economic Development

    NCERT Class - 11. Indian Economic Development

    NCERT Class - 12. Introductory Macroeconomics

    Indian Economy : Ramesh Singh

    Indian Economy : Vivek Singh

      RBI Grade B : Chapters from Different Economics Book

      Indian Economy by Vivek Singh

      1. Fundamental of Macroeconomy

      2. Money and Banking (Finance Syllabus)

      3. Money and Banking Part - II (Finance Syllabus)

      4. Government Budgeting (Union Budget)

      6. Indian Economy (1947-91) - Few Topics like Economics reforms need to be covered

      11. Inclusive Growth and Issues

      12. International Organization

      13. Infrastructure and Investment Model (Finance)

      15. Terminology

      Chapter Important for NABARD Grade A

      7. Subsidies

      8. Agriculture Part - I 

      9. Agriculture Part - II

      10. Supply Chain and Food Processing Industry

      Indian Economy – Ramesh Singh

      1. Introduction
      2. Growth Development and happiness
      6. Economic Reforms
      7. Inflation and business cycle
      11. Indian Financial Market
      12. Banking in India (very important)
      14. Securities market in India
      15. External Sector in India
      16. International Economic Organizations (only general understanding)
      17. Tax Structure (only direct tax and indirect tax)
      18. Public Finance in India
      19. Sustainability and climate change
      20 Human Development in India
      21. Burning Socio Economic issues
      25. Economic Survey (study the concepts, data of the latest report is useful)
      26. Union Budget (study the concepts, data of the latest report is useful)

      Economy Books PDF Download

      Economics Compendium by Disha Publication - Download 

      Indian Economy by Sanjiv Verma - Download

      Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh (9th Edition) - Download

      Indian Economy Notes by Sriram IAS - Download

      The Gist of NCERT Indian Economy by Kalinjar Publication - Download

      Objective ESI by Ramesh Singh - Download

      Social Issue Books PDF Download

      Social Problems in India by Ram Ahuja - Download

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