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Answer Writing Practice Questions : Agriculture and Rural Development | NABARD Grade A

Agriculture and Rural Development Descriptive Answer Writing Practice Questions for NABARD Grade A Phase II 2021. This Article contains List of Important Agriculture and Rural Development Descriptive Questions for NABARD Grade A. These Descriptive Questions are based on Economic Survey, Union Budget, Current Affairs, Static Agriculture and Rural Development and Programs and Polices of Government of India. Practice Writing on these Questions in a time bound Manner to score good marks in NABARD Grade A Phase II Agriculture and Rural Development Section.

Agriculture and Rural Development Descriptive Answer Writing Practice Questions

Word Limit - 400 (10 Marks Questions), 600 (15 Marks Questions)

Time - 90 Minutes

Answer Practice Questions : 20-07-2021

Descriptive Questions - Agriculture and Rural Development

Q -1. Cooperatives in India. Explain the Importance of Cooperation Ministry. Do we really need a Separate Ministry? (15 Marks)

2. Describe the importance of Agriculture Sector in India and its role in Growth and Employment (10 Marks)


3. Define Organic Farming. Give an account of social, Economic and Environmental dimension of Organic Farming (15 Marks)


4. What do you mean by precision Farming? Give an account of smart agriculture technologies used in precision Farming (15 Marks)


5. Describe contract Farming in India and its Relevance in present scenario (10 Marks)


6. Describe the following (15 Marks)


I. Soil Health Card

II. eNAM and its advantages

III. Contribution of SHG in Rural Development


7. What is the status of Irrigation in India? Describe about Drip Irrigation, it's components and enumerate the benefits of Drip Irrigation. (15 Marks)


8. Give an account on importance of technologies for the transformation of Agriculture Sector. (10 Marks)


9. Sustainable Agriculture is The Need of The Hour. Comment (10 Marks)


10. Will the three farm laws help double the farmers income by 2022? Comment on other steps taken by Government to achieve this target (15 Marks)

11. Discuss how recently passed labour codes can have a transformative impact on labour empowerment in India. Also, discuss the challenges associated with the codes

12. The Minimum Support Price (MSP) scheme protects farmers from the price fluctuations and market imperfections. In the light of the given statement, critically analyze the efficacy of the MSP

Answer Practice Questions : 09-08-2021

Write an Article in 400 Words on Below Topics

Q. What is Tillage? Why is Zero Tillage Farming getting More Importance at Present?

Q. What is Agroforestry and Its various Components? Steps taken by govt to Promote Agroforestry.

Q. What is Organic Farming? Should a Country like India Go for Organic Farming? Discuss the Scope and Limitation of Organic Farming in India.

Q. Discuss the Characteristics of Agriculture Marketing. Explain the Problems in marketing of Agriculture Produce in India. What are the Steps taken by govt to promote better Agriculture Marketing

Q. What is Zero budget natural farming (ZBNF)?  Role of ZBNF in Doubling Farmers' Income (DFI) by 2022

Q. What are steps that need to be taken to Promote Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security in the Wake of Climate Change

Q. Write a note on Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana. Highlight the challenges in the implementation of the scheme.

Q. Gender Gap in Farming : Major Issues and Suggest Measures to Increase Participation

Q. Discuss Blue Economy and Its Role in Economic Development 

Q. Discuss the Importance of Farm Mechanization and Steps Taken by Govt.

Q. Doubling Famers' Income and Measures Taken by Government for DFI

Answer Practice Questions : 19-09-2021

Q. What are 15th Finance commission recommendation on Agriculture and Rural Development?

Q. What are the various steps taken by government recently for Agriculture and Rural Development

Q. What is rice fortification that PM Modi announced in his Independence Day Speech? Describe its Significance and Positive Impact on Child Nutrition.

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