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How to Prepare Decision Making for NABARD Grade A 2023

How to Prepare Decision Making for NABARD Grade A 2023Decision Making is a new subject that has been introduced as a part of the Preliminary examination for both NABARD Grade A & B recruitment exams. Since this is a new introduction to the syllabus and exam pattern, we have prepared an exhaustive article that will clarify all your doubts concerning the Decision Making syllabus, its weightage in the exam and how you can efficiently prepare for this subject. 

Decision Making is a subject that requires us to make choices by studying the data given to us to arrive at the best possible outcome. Since these NABARD vacancies are for managerial level posts, you will be required to make several tough choices by weighing the pros and cons of every action and its probable reaction. 

For the same, NABARD Grade A/B exams aim to gauge a candidate’s decision-making ability to select the best candidates for these posts. 

How to Prepare Decision Making for NABARD Grade A 2022

NABARD Grade A/B 2022 Decision Making Syllabus 

The syllabus for the new section on Decision Making introduced in NABARD Grade A 2021 has been given below. 

Behavioral Decision Making: These are a very interesting pattern of questions. Here, we are faced with situations that may arise in our everyday lives as well that involve dealing with people depending upon their temperament, particularly if the problem involves dealing with people of different temperaments at the same time. Here, the obvious decisions you might make may not be enough as you also have to keep in mind the results or reactions that arise from your choices. 

Managerial Decision Making: In this pattern of questions, a scenario will be provided wherein you will be asked to assume that you are at a managerial position and have to take a decision accordingly. As you may expect, such questions can involve how you would tackle situations concerning your team members. 

Eligibility Criteria based Decision Making: Here, a variety of eligibility criteria will be provided for the recruitment of particular personnel. With regard to the data provided, there will be follow-up questions that will require candidates to determine who is most eligible for the said post. 

Data Arrangements Based Decision Making: As the name suggests, a large chunk of data will be provided to you in the question. You will need to arrange/organize the data before you can begin solving the follow-up questions. 

Mathematical Decision Making: In essence, these questions are like Data Interpretation or Logical Reasoning questions. They are data-intensive and require that candidates carefully analyze the given information before trying to solve the questions. 

What to Read for NABARD Grade A 2022

Questions are basic in nature along with some fringe questions, section is only qualifying in nature. You should learn about decision making process, its types, steps etc from some management book. Following topics need to be studied:- 

  • Decision Making as a Process
  • Types of Decision Making - Programmed-Non-Programmed, Strategic-Tactical and Others
  • Decision Making Models - Economic-Man Administrative, Rational-Irrational and others
  • Steps in Decision Making
  • Techniques in Decision Making
  • Decision Making Conditions

Tips to Solve Decision Making Questions

  • Study the problem carefully before you answer. 
  • When solving dilemma-based questions, always pick the option that amplifies desirable results and minimizes the damage caused by the same. 
  • Answer all questions as objectively as possible. For example, while answering a Managerial Decision Making question, do not let your personal beliefs/value systems get the better of you while answering in the examination.
  • Similarly, always pick choices that exhibit sound judgment. You want to show the examiner that you take decisions logically and not emotionally. 
  • Explore all the options carefully before you pick your answer. 
  • Always choose the best practices and methods in theory when answering questions unless specifically asked otherwise. Do not pick options that involve shortcuts or unprofessional choices. 

Decision Making Questions Asked in NABARD Grade A 2021

Consider the consumer making a purchase decision in a particular product category for the very first time. In this situation, it would be possible for the consumer to make the purchase decision using which of the following decision processes?

A. Programmed Decision Making

B. Non-Programmed Decision Making

C. Routine Decision Making

D. Policy Decision Making

E. None of the Above

Answer: (B) Non-Programmed Decision Making


  • Non-programmed decisions are one-shot decisions. Handled by techniques such as judgment, intuition, and creativity. A logical approach to deal with extraordinary, unexpected, and unique problems. Managers take heuristic problem-solving approaches in which logic; common sense and trial and error are used. Non-programmed decisions are novel and lack clear guidelines for reaching a solution.

The process whereby a manager shares his work and authority with his subordinates is________.

A. Decentralization

B. Responsibility.

C. Delegation

D. Decision Making

E. None of Above

Answer: (C) Delegation

__________ illustrates that 80% of effects arise from 20% of the causes – or 20% of your actions/activities will account for 80% of your results/outcomes.

A. Pareto Analysis

B. Heuristics

C. Conjoint analysis

D. Cost/Benefit Analysis

E. None of the above

Answer: (A) Pareto Analysis

Decision making is one of the basic _______ processes of human behaviors by which a preferred option or a course of actions is chosen from among a set of alternatives based on certain criteria.

A. Cognitive

B. Tactical

C. Operational

D. Strategic

E. None of the above

Answer: (A) Cognitive

Recommended Book: Principle and Practice of Management by L M Prasad

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