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Descriptive Writing - Answer and English

RBI Grade B 2023 Notification: The Reserve Bank of India announces vacancies for direct recruitment every year for the posts of officers in Grade B (DR) (GENERAL), officers in Grade B (DR) (DEPR) and officers in Grade B (DR) (DSIM). 

Through this article learn Why Descriptive is Game Changer in RBI Grade B 2023 exam? How to write a Good Answer in RBI Grade B Phase II Economics and Social Issue and Finance and Management?

Why Descriptive is Game Changer in RBI Grade B?

RBI Grade B Recruitment 2023
Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has released RBI Grade B Notification 2023 on 26th April 2023 for various posts including Officers in Grade ‘B’ (DR) – (General), Officers in Grade ‘B’ (DR) – DEPR, and Officers in Grade ‘B’ (DR) – DSIM. RBI conducts RBI Grade B Officer Exam for the selection of eligible graduates for the position of Grade B officer in its various branches all across the country.

RBI Grade B Notification 2023 Out
Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued a short notice in the employment newspapers regarding 291 Grade B Officer vacancies on 26th April 2023. The online registration dates and exam dates along with post-wise vacancies has been depicted through RBI Grade B Notification 2023. The snippet of the RBI Grade B 2023 Notification published has been shared below for reference.

RBI Grade B Notification 2023 Out

RBI Grade B 2023: Weightage of Descriptive Section

Out of 300 Marks - 200 marks (100 - English + 50-50 in ESI and Finance) are from Descriptive section, means 2/3rd from Descriptive and 1/3rd from Objective Section. But a normal candidate, spends around 2/3rd time preparing for Objective section and not even 1/3rd for Descriptive Section, now someone will say that even preparing for objective is also preparing for Descriptive, yes but in actual it's only 30%. This is where a difference is created between a Non-UPSC and UPSC. 

Descriptive Skill is all about - Your Content and Clarity about question, Writing only which has been asked, Completing the Paper within time, fewer grammatical and spelling mistakes are what needed to score good marks in this segment. The good thing about this skill is that it can be learned with right amount of regular practice, without practice your articulation skill won't get generated over night.

Another most important thing is you also need to have good typing speed, these days many people are able to type 2000 words in stipulated time, so it's not 2021 anymore, people have made mindset and now they are completing the paper on time by typing 2000 words in 90 minutes, so if you are not able to do it then definitely marks will be less and impact your selection.

So what to do,

Step - 1. Don't think like, once I will complete the syllabus, then I will start practicing, this could have worked 6 months before but not anymore. Write answers after completing the chapters, don't wait for the completion of whole syllabus.

Step - 2. Know the format and Basics of Answer Writing and Descriptive English Writing. Generally in Answer writing we write in Points and in Essay we write in Paragraphs, although there are no such rule except for Precis writing where you have to write in single paragraph.

- Follow Introduction - Body - Conclusion 

- Inside Introduction of Answer writing in ESI/FM, Start with Definition or Any related Data from any report you know. 

- Same way in essay, you can start with Quote, Data, Definition. 

- Don't forget to conclude your essay and Answers 

Step - 3. Word Limit - You should stick to word limit, as you shouldn't cross it and also there may be people whose typing speed is not so good, for them writing all the 4 answers are must so maintain 80% word limit or 75% for all questions so that you can complete the paper within time.

Step - 4. Read the Questions carefully, Understand it and then write, many a times, questions are in multiple part and demands information related to all the parts but we miss 1 or more parts and lose marks ultimately.

Step - 5. Fix time for each questions based on given time, like 25 min each for 15 marks and 20 min each for 10 marks questions and in that time, you should read the question, understand it, make a model and then answer it within stipulated time. Make a mindset, I will not exceed this time limit, whatever I have written I will conclude there itself (it may sound wrong but with this practice you will start completing the questions on time). 

Step - 6. Proofreading - Under 25 min or 20 min, you should also need to devote 2-3 mins for checking grammatical or spelling mistakes in your answers or essay. This is must do activity but you can do it only when you have good speed otherwise you won't be able to do this as you wouldn't have completed the answer.

Step - 7. In Descriptive English - Essay is only 40 Marks and rest 60 Marks comes from Precis and Reading Comprehension, so in the name of practice do not  just keep practicing essay and be happy about it, devote time for precis and reading comprehension too.

What to write in descriptive Answer Writing 

I. Introduction - Facts from any related report + Definition + Recent context

II. Body - Directly start with sub - headings 
Govt initiatives
Suggestions/Way Forward

III. Conclusion - End with positive Outlook, you can connect it with goals of SDG, inclusive growth etc. Even though you can raise concern but only after giving positive Outlook but again end the paragraph with positive outcome.

Note - Not all sub-heading can be written in all the Questions, decide based on asked question.

For facts you will have to remember data from various Reports published by Government as well as UN and its organization.

You can also use Case study like for example they ask you write on Natural farming then you can use example of Andhra Pradesh and how ZBNF is helping farmers there in increasing income. Similarly if they ask you about Export then you can give example of UP and how ODOP programs are helping in increasing exports for example Kala Namak Rice (Buddha Rice from Sidharth Nagar)

RBI Grade B Mains 2023: Descriptive Answer Writing Format
RBI Grade Mains 2022: Answer Writing Format
RBI Grade B Descriptive: What are the Sources to Follow

For Essay - I have already given many topics for different exams available in channel as well as on my website brajeshmohan.in, in future too i will keep giving topics. 

For Answer Writing - There are two possible ways, One you should create 5-6 questions by yourself from each chapter after completing and later you can also take questions from my website and also many telegram channels created by those who have cleared or have experience about the exam. 

For Precis: All the Editorial of The Hindu, BS, BL, Forbes etc are the content of Precis. 

Tools - Notepad, Grammarly and Quillbot. 

Download this Article as PDF -  Why Descriptive is Game Changer in RBI Grade B

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