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How to Prepare Descriptive ESI and FM for RBI Grade B Phase II

How to Prepare for Economics and Social Issue, Finance and Management Descriptive Paper in RBI Grade B Phase II. This Article provides you insight about to deal with Descriptive ESI and FM paper in RBI Grade B 2022. 

Descriptive Answer Writing for RBI Grade B Phase II

Descriptive Preparation of FM & ESI of RBI Grade B include preparation of three things.

I. Knowledge about subject matters

II. Writing and Presentation of your knowledge as asked in question (Most Important, not everyone get hold of this)

III. Typing Speed (As you need to type 2000 words in 90 min which is around 22 words per min, sounds easy but its not as its not just typing thinking about answer and then typing it takes lots of time)

How to Prepare Descriptive ESI and FM for RBI Grade B Phase II

We will discuss the Above steps one by one and also share you the books which you need to follow.

How to Prepare RBI Grade B : Books and Study Materials

If you are complete beginner and have no prior knowledge of Economics and Finance then i would recommend you to start with ncert and spend some time to learn the basic.

  • NCERT Class - 10. Understanding Economic Development
  • NCERT Class - 11. Indian Economic Development
  • NCERT Class - 12. Introductory Macroeconomics
  • NCERT Class - 11. Business Studies (Ch. 8 - 11)
  • NCERT Class - 12. Business Studies Part - II (9,10)

Once done with ncert you can move to some reference book for better understanding or those who have prior understanding of Economics and Finance can use below books.

Economics - Vivek Singh or Ramesh Singh

Finance - Bharti Pathak or M Y Khan (Indian Financial System)

Management - L M Prasad and IGNOU notes

Ethics and Corporate Governance - B N Ghosh or A C Fernando

*Note - You can find PDF of all these books on telegram with channel id @gradebofficers.

Before moving to how to approach descriptive answer writing you need to check questions asked this year given in the end of this article. You can start with those questions for Practice.

Step - 1. Knowledge about subject matters - This will need some time and can be gained from the Above sources that i have mentioned from basic to Advanced level, apart from that you can use Google and Investopedia for more clarity on any topic. Your aim should be to understand each and Everything, make proper notes as you are not giving Exams today, you will give it after 4–5 months so having a notes help you in revision.

If you analyze questions asked this year given in the end, In both Economics and Finance questions were mixed of both Current and Static. So its not just you need to cover above books but you

Step - 2. Writing and Presentation of your Knowledge : In descriptive Answer Writing understanding the actual meaning of Question is very important, many a time we don't write which was asked and rather write something else without knowing it won't fetch you marks and then after result we think "Sab kuch to likha"

It's not like you have to write everything, rather you have to write exactly they asked you for.

These directive words are very important to understand to write correct answer. Although not all the directive words mentioned are important for us but few words such as : Discuss, Evaluate, Critically Analyze, Explain, State, Justify, Elaborate, Examine, Critically Examine, Describe etc are very important.

Practice is the only way to improve your writing skill and you need keep doing it from now onwards on a regular basis to improve your writing and Presentation skill. For reference you can check the answers of Toppers of UPSC Mains GS-III and try to understand how they answer the asked questions and how you would have answered, compare yourself.

Step - 3. Typing Speed - As you need to type 22 words per min which is easy if someone provide you the text to type but its not a typing exam, you need to first think about the answer, formulate it about how are you going to approach the question, what are points you will be including and then you need to type those so its time consuming thing and most importantly the keyboard given in exam hall is not as good as your laptop.

You can understand through this analysis : Those who have typing practice can type on an average 30–35 wpm, those who have advance level of practice or people working in typing jobs can type 45–50 wpm and those who have mastered the typing with years of practice can type 75–80 wpm and all these are when they are provided with the content to type.

*Hope now you understand why typing speed matters in exam.

Descriptive Questions Asked - RBI Grade B 2021 (1st April'21)

Word Limit - 400 (10 Marks Questions), 600 (15 Marks Questions)

Time - 90 Minutes

Descriptive Questions - Finance and Management

15 Markers Questions

1. What is Corporate Governance? What are the key principles of Corporate Governance?

2. Functions of regulatory bodies like SIDBI, EXIM, NABARD, NHB.

3. Basel Norms and pillars of Basel III norms.

10 Marker Questions

1. Discuss 5 major announcements in Budget 2021-22.

2. Discuss the differences between Transformational and Transactional Leadership.

3. What is meant by behavioral reinforcement? Elaborate on Positive and Negative Reinforcement.

Descriptive Questions - Economics and Social Issue

15 Marker Questions:

1. What is meant by the vertical & horizontal allocation of resources to states as per the 15th Finance Commission? How can this objective be achieved?

2. Global financial crisis 2008 and its after-effects on different aspects of globalization.

3. Describe the various Poverty Estimation Method in relation to the following?

I. Per Capita

II. Inflation & Consumption

III. Safety Net Program

10 Marker Questions:

1. Discuss 3 measures related to disinvestment of Strategic Sectors and Non-Strategic Sectors in Union Budget 2021-22.

2. Discuss India’s commitment to climate change in light of its socio-economic, health & developmental projects.

3. What is the influence of Demographic Transition on India’s economic growth?

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